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Moving Your Dog Into a New Apartment – What to Know and Do

Moving your best furry friend into a new apartment can be a tough transition if you just jump into it with no planning or preparation. Dogs can be very sensitive to changes, and moving house is a huge change.

Luckily, there are many ways to make the move as smooth possible.

1. Go exploring the new area with them

Before you even move, there are steps you can take to ensure that the process is relatively stress-free for your friend.

Try taking them for walks and exploration trips in your new neighborhood before officially moving house there. This way, they will at least be used to the new surroundings.


2. Look out for dog-friendly spots

A good thing to do for both you and your friend would be to do extensive research on the dog amenities and dog-friendly places in your new neighborhood. As we all know, basically no one has a yard in NYC, so finding a good park to play and walk in, either off-leash or on-leash is very important.

If you like taking your dog to stores and restaurants, look up local places before you move to minimize hassle. A very important part of this, as mentioned before, is to introduce your friend to these places before you actually move.

3. Pack your things slowly

Another step you can take (that most people don’t think of!) is to start packing slowly, not all at once. Many dogs associate the act of packing with “My human is leaving!”, and this can send them into a tizzy of anxiety and stress.

To make sure they understand you’re not going away and never coming back, try packing a few boxes every day and let them sniff around and “help” to their heart’s content.

4. Pack your dog’s things last

That being said, make sure to pack your pup’s things last, so they can have all of their normal items with them for as long as possible. You could also consider waiting to pack up your dog’s favorite room or room where they spend the most time last as well, to further help maintain calm and lessen stress.

5. Follow the same routine with your dog when moving in

The first thing to do once you actually move in is to keep up all of your old routines as best you can. Even though the place where you guys are living is different, you can keep walks, feedings, playtime, etc. more or less the same.

This will provide a much-needed feeling of comfort to your little buddy, who is probably very confused about the new changes.


6. Keep old items from your previous home

Another easy but important “non-change” to make is to keep all of the old items in your old apartment, especially those that your dog comes in contact with regularly. Leashes, harnesses, toys, food and water bowls, beds, etc. should all stay the same and be moved from your old place to your new place.

It may be very tempting to get all new gear for a fresh start, but the scent of the items will help your dog settle in better and start to shift his mind into thinking “I live here now!”


Moving with a dog can be stressful, but there are ways to lessen the difficulty on both you and your friend.

Hopefully this article helped you find new ways to help yourself and your buddy during this exciting time!

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