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Concierge Services at New York City Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Access to quality dental services in today’s economy can be extremely challenging, especially if you are uninsured.  Even if you have dental insurance, many times it comes with limitations.  These limitations can oftentimes affect how much dental treatment can be rendered in a year, how many times you can visit the dentist per year, the type of dental materials are used to restore your mouth back to optimum health, whether having a pre-existing dental condition can cost you more out of pocket fees, and how much time your dentist can actually spend with you during your dental visit to properly educate you on preventive dentistry and treat your dental needs with the upmost quality—All which usually leads to compromised dental health which can ultimately affect your overall health.

At New York City Cosmetic and General Dentistry, your needs are our passion. Preventative care is our focus and we want to work with you to ensure that your ongoing dental care needs are addressed by giving you access to the finest dental experience possible.  Our goal is to provide exceptional care with your every need in mind and to help you make better decisions about your dental care by providing expert guidance at your fingertips with your dentist being just a phone call, text, or visit away.  Whether you currently have dental insurance or are without dental insurance, with our NEW! Concierge VIP Care Club Membership every aspect of your dental care will be expertly coordinated and tailored to address your dental care needs.

Concierge VIP Care Club Membership

At NYC Cosmetic and General Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing cutting edge services and approaching dentistry in a fresh and innovative manner. This philosophy is the foundation upon which our “Concierge VIP Care Club Membership” is built. Concierge dentistry is a brand new form of dentistry and we are leading the wave. We have created a comprehensive concierge membership program that provides our patients with the highest level of personalized care with unsurpassed convenience and amenities. Our concierge membership offers an exceptional combination of unmatched access to dental services and innovative dental resources –all at an affordable and cost efficient membership fee.

Concierge Dentistry – We Are At Your Service 24/7!

Membership Benefits

As a Concierge VIP Care Club member, you will have access to a wide range of benefits including:

  • Minimal to No Wait Access—- No more anxiety and worry about whether or not you can access your dentist in a timely manner.  We’ll offer you the assurance of prompt care because we are here at your service 24/7.  You get premium access to our superior dental staff featuring same-day appointments as well as 24-hour-a-day phone and email access.
  • Virtual Video and Phone Consultations with Dr. Catrise Austin no matter where you are.
  • No-rush appointments which allow our team to manage and monitor your oral health more carefully and educate you on your dental needs.  We allow plenty of time for in-depth dialogue so the best course of treatment can be discussed at length to give you time to ask and receive answers to all of your questions or concerns.
  • We make house calls or will travel to you when your schedule will not allow you to visit our office.
  • Free access to monthly dental health, nutrition, fitness, and medical seminars
  • Make travel plans for patients traveling to New York for their dental care.
  • Food, refreshments and beverages ordered to your taste for half day or full day dental appointments
  • Local restaurant, theater, shopping, and tours and attractions recommendations and reservations.
  • Additional office visits for teeth cleanings and other preventive services
  • Additional funds available to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits
  • Personal coordination of care with dental specialists and concierge medical/wellness partners.

Why do our patients join our Concierge VIP Care Club Membership? Because we consistently promise high quality care and we over deliver the dental attention you need to have the beautiful, healthy, and confident smile that you deserve.

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